Curriculum vitae

Aleksandr Sirotin 1988 year of birth


Admiral Ushakov State Maritime Academy

Faculty of Operation of Water Transport and Navigation
Department of Automation and Computer Engineering
Speciality: Information systems and technologies
Full-time study
Graduated with excellence
Years of education: 2009-2012

Novorossiysk College of Construction and Economics

Speciality: Computer software and automated systems
Full-time study
Graduated with excellence
Years of education: 2006-2009

Work experience:

OOO "S-soft"

Since 2020
Senior frontend developer.

Development of existing and creation of new web applications using Angular.

OOO "Peredovye Sistemy Samoobsluzhivaniya" (I.T. Group Companies)

2017 — 2020

Full-stack web development using .NET.

MS SQL, Entity Framework 6, MVC 5, Ninject, Angular 5 and also AngularJS for older projects.

OOO "Ajrisoft"

2016 — 2017

Participation in internal projects:

  • Development of the Natiwi.SMB online store engine, development of a new central site based on it - https://natiwi.ru. Backend powered by Node.js, API - StrongLoop LoopBack, frontend - AngularJS with some jQuery plugins.
  • Creation and support of customer sites based on the Nativi.SMB engine and implementation of individual customer requirements.
  • Added Best2Pay payment system support.

External projects:

Created an advertising website for the Canadian energy company En-Powered Inc.
Performs calculations based on user input and a database, displays results with details and a graph, and allows to share them on social networks Facebook and Twitter.
The provided visual template was taken as the basis of the frontend.
Implemented using ASP.NET Core MVC + Entity Framework Core + MySQL.
The site was located at https://yourbill.ca.

EDISON Centr razrabotki programmnogo obespecheniya

In 2016 being an individual entrepreneur
Software development consultant, developer.

Participation in projects:
Helped with the project. The project is protected by NDA.

An experience:

  • KAA IoT (Internet of Things) framework. Development and description of schemes, creation of instructions for the development of schemes for the customer. Creating an ORM to work with the KAA Admin REST API at the object level.
  • Creation of KAA endpoint emulators for test purposes based on a Java application generated for KAA.
  • MQTT. Collection, processing and publishing of messages via Paho MQTT Client for Java for test purposes.
  • ASP.NET Core MVC (ASP.NET 5 MVC 6).
  • Entity Framework Core (Entity Framework 7).
  • Deploying an ASP.NET 5 MVC 6 web application on Ubuntu under Mono.
  • QR-code:
    • Reading QR codes in video scanning mode using the camera of the smartphone on which the web application is open. QR code processing on the frontend side using QCode-Decoder JavaScript library.
    • Generate PDF with QR codes in a web application.
  • HTML 5 Geolocation.

OOO "Centr Buhgalterskih Uslug"

2014 — 2015

Participation in projects:

  • Development of a new enterprise automation system to replace the existing one written in outdated FoxPro.
  • Development of a system for sending customer notifications via SMS and E-mail.
    • Developed the database architecture.
    • Created a reusable wrapper to work with an online SMS service using C++ with Qt.
    • Arranged sending SMS through the above-mentioned online service via direct channels of mobile operators with specifying of sender name in the "From" field.
    • Created reusable "TCP-server" and "TCP-client" classes in C++ using Qt to communicate client programs with a service on a server inside a secure local area network.
    • Created a client program that displays the mailing history and provides system management tools using C++ with Qt.

Other tasks:

  • Added the "Print ID with PDF417" component to an existing enterprise automation system written in FoxPro.
  • Added to the aforementioned system automatic updating of dependencies on client computers if necessary, primarily required for the "Print ND with PDF417" component.
  • Modified the existing cash register software written in FoxPro to work simultaneously with several fiscal registrars (SHTRIKH-M-FR-K) instead of one. Continued to support the cash register software.
  • Implemented support for discounts in the cash register software.
  • Initiated and implemented the use of YouTrack - a project management system - to control tasks and errors.
  • Initiated and implemented the use of Git - a version control system - for collaborating on projects, simplifying the procedure for transferring projects in case of illness of employees (previously, employees transferred their work through a regular network folder or flash drives).
  • Implemented the connection of an enterprise automation system written in FoxPro with a system for sending notifications to clients via SMS and E-mail using messages over a TCP connection.
  • Implemented auto-completion of information about the client by his taxpayer identification number into the existing system for automating activities at the enterprise through the use of a web service (WSDL).

OOO "YUg Media Resurs"

2012 — 2014

Participation in projects:

  • Tele-Web.org:
    • Created a Windows softphone application based on the PJSIP library for the .NET platform using DevExpress XAF in C# and C++ programming languages.
  • Yug.SU:
    • Assisted in the development and further development of the client's personal account using the eXpress Application Framework (XAF).
    • Assisted in the development and further developed CRM for project partners using the eXpress Application Framework (XAF).
    • Helped and further developed, supported the engine of client sites.

OOO "Flajt Invest" – construction firm

2010 – 2011
Working alongside with studying.

Admiral Ushakov State Maritime Academy

2009 – 2010
Working alongside with studying.

  • Served computer equipment: installation, adjustment, troubleshooting of software (on Windows XP).
  • We created five new computer classes with a partner (cable installation, equipment installation, OS installation and “cloning” along with software, network setup and maintenance).
  • Assisted in testing on computers at the academy.

ZAO "Tander" – "Magnit" shop with ID "Prospekt"

Summer in 2007 and 2008
Part time job between academic years.


  • SOLID, DRY, KISS design principles. They are necessary to write more understandable, maintainable, extensible and scalable code. And also they are needed in order to end up spending less time on all this.
    I want to work with people who also understand the importance of these principles and put them into practice.
  • .NET Framework, .NET Core (using C#).
  • ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core MVC, Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core.
  • C++ (including using Qt).
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (including as a general purpose language), jQuery and other JavaScript libraries. AJAX, REST.
  • Angular framework (and earlier AngularJS).
  • DevExpress eXpress App Framework (XAF).
  • Average and more complex SQL queries.
  • Work with task control systems Microsoft TFS, Atlassian Jira, JetBrains YouTrack, Bitrix24, Trello.
  • Working with version control systems Git and Microsoft Team Foundation Version Control.
  • Working with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 from a developer's point of view.
  • Working with relational and non-relational databases. MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis.
  • Creation of installer programs using NSIS and WiX.
  • Knowledge of network technologies, setting up software firewalls.
  • Familiar with the principles of design and installation of Structured Cabling Systems (SCS).
  • Experience laying and crimping twisted pair.
  • Blind ten-finger typing method on the keyboard (English and Russian).
  • I know technical English well, I can read documentation and forums in English, I can communicate a little right now.
  • Took a one-time participation and took 2nd place in the competition "Protocols, services and equipment" in the All-Russian Olympiad for students of higher and secondary vocational education institutions of the Southern Federal District in the field of information technology "IT-PLANET-YUG 2009".
  • I have a certificate of "Operator of a personal computer" of the Center for Additional Education LLC "Firma Michel". Issued July 1, 2005.

Attentive to detail. If I run into a problem, I can't rest until I solve it, it just always in my mind.
Constantly self-taught, ready to learn everything new.
I prefer the right solution to the quick one, prefer to follow design principles. Quick but not right solutions ("crutches") may be used only in emergency cases and only as a temporary fix. Ideally, there should be no crutches at all. This approach subsequently saves more time at the stages of further development and maintenance of projects.
At the moment, I'm gradually returning from the frontend work (to which I switched completely in order to become a full-stack), to the backend and then I plan to finally combine backend and frontend tasks.